JJ Industries

Silt Curtain A JJ Industries silt curtain in place rubber bunding JJ Industries installing some rubber bunding. Silt Boom Aquatic silt boom in place at Pacific Fair Do you know what bunding is? I didn’t until I met JJ Industries. You see bunding all the time and you probably don’t realise it. You drive over […]

Data Cabling

data cabling

Data Cabling Mess This is honestly a photo that TES sent us. They were asked to do a cabling job and this is the mess that confronted them when they walked in. See the images below for how they fixed it up. Data Cabling This is how it’s meant to look. Check out that data […]

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

gold coast termite inspection infographic

Termite Infographic Termites cause a lot of damage to Australian homes. Termite Damage termite damage to framing timbers Termite Infographic Some more termite stats for you. More Termite Damage termite damage to door frame Cockroaches – Richard also does pest control flushing out German cockroaches Termites Hide termites found under carpets Some household pests are […]

Correct sitting posture at your computer

Correct posture for sitting

For anyone spending large amounts of time at thier computer it is important to get your posture right. One way to check your posture is to use a mirror to see how you are sitting or ask someone to hold it up for you. Look for signs of a poor posture-: sore neck or back […]

Gold Coast Electrician


As a Gold Coast IT company we often need a good electrician. Whether it is for some data cabling or moving a power point, or to recommend to a client. When we need a Gold Coast electrician South East Electrical are the company we turn to. South East Electrical have a motto, if we quote […]

Brisbane Security Alarms

paradox alarm system

It is important for all of us to feel secure and to know that we have secured our property. Security alarms are an important part of that security. Security alarms and CCTV are the technology with which we can secure our home and business premises. One guy that we have dealt with extensively is Bob […]