Air Conditioning Installation and Service

Don’t you love a company that is what it says it is on the label? That’s Air Conditioning Installation And Service for you. They do…well you know exactly what they do.

They do that thing (yes, the air conditioning installation and service) in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. They also have a special running at the moment. Click on the image below for details or go to their website (link above). 

Who Are Air Conditioning Installation And Service?

This company came about because of local electrical company South East Electrical. Like a lot of electrical companies, they were installing air conditioning units. You need an electrician to finish off the fit-out of an air con unit. It makes sense at some stage for electrical companies to get some ARCtick certified techs on staff then and start doing the whole thing yourself. It’s a better way to do things than have an air con tech come out to fit the unit and then have a separate electrician come out to finish it off. That’s what often happens. (Bigger air con companies have sparkies on staff, so it works both ways.)

There is a perception that an electrical company isn’t the best to trust your air conditioning to. That’s why SE Electrical started up Air Conditioning Installation & Service. They’re installing plenty of units every week and have amazing expertise in what they do. But they also need to convince the public that they have that expertise. Hence why this new company was born. 

What We Do For Air Conditioning Installation And Service

I’ll be glad to stop typing air conditioning install and etc soon. That’s quite a mouthful. Anyway…

We’re helping grow the website through search engine optimization and development. When I’m not running out to growl at my boisterous new puppies for barking I’m busy working on their website to help grow its position in Google. They had spent a bit on Google Adwords. That worked well for a while. Problem is, as soon as you turn off the Adwords tap, you turn off your website as well. By growing their website through organic search they can position themselves so they’re always getting clients finding them through searches. 

my dog does not install air conditioning units

That was a random picture of my dog and has nothing to do with installing air conditioning units. She’s just so appallingly cute, I had to include her.

What I Learned About Air Conditioner Cleaning

It makes sense once you hear it but it never occurred to me that there are filters in my air con that are filling up with grime. The dust that develops their can attract moisture and lead to mould growth. That should all be cleaned every year. I didn’t know that.

While they’re at it, they also clean the condenser, motor and fans, which helps with the longevity of your unit. Removing grime from the thanks that rotate and the things that make them rotate can only be good to your unit in the long run. 

It’s a good time to get you unit cleaned. We’ve seen off summer and will be turning on our units in another month or so for winter warming. If you book it in now you’ll have the unit ready for winter. That’s why they’re running their special right now. Go check it out.