Computer Repairs

Sooner or later almost every computer develops a glitch, error or problem that simple troubleshooting can’t solve. It’s time for more extensive repairs. Computer repair, however, often comes with headaches and frustrations because the source of the problem isn’t obvious. Is it the hardware, the software, or a combination of both? A savvy computer owner takes a deep breath and follows a logical plan. When you determine that the problem is beyond simple troubleshooting call us.

Our technicians are excellent at diagnosing problems and will save you precious time and money.

Backup Strategy
Your backup strategy can be a simple as regular backups of important data to a memory stick or a portable hard drive.
Most email systems like Microsoft Outlook Express store all of your emails as one large file including attachments. This file allows you to backup your emails and when moving to new PC or upgrading to re-establish your email system maintaining all of your received and sent messages.
Backing up emails regularly is recommended as well as any other important documents. You can never tell if a PC is about to fail – other factors like storms can cause surges that make some components fail and make your PC unusable.

Real Cost of an Upgrade
Consider that if a complete computer upgrade can cost you up to 2 days of your own time in re setting up your information, emails etc.
Any upgrade should take into account how long before the next upgrade is required. Our customers find they save money by needing fewer upgrades as their system last longer between an upgrade.
This is partly to do with the way we construct the PC and the choice of components in it.