8 Benefits of Boom Gates for Australian Commercial Building

boom gates

What Are Boom Gates?

Boom gates are the most basic, yet highly effective barrier for automated use in the present. They consist of a long, sturdy arm, it automatically lowers to stop the flow of traffic. To raise it, the vehicle driver needs to present the pass, type in the code or pay a fee or wait for a confirmation before allowing them to go ahead. In most cases an electric motor lifts and lowers the arm, and the security access system regulates the motor’s operation.

8 Advantages Boom Gates

Here are our top eight advantages of boom gates.

1. Security Improvements

Security is a must in today’s world of residential and commercial property. With a boom gate, you can allow or refuse entry to vehicles who enter your property by relying on their credentials. d.

By installing a boom gate Sydney you will also be able to  keep track of the registration information of each vehicle that passes through and leaves your property.

2. Stop The Movement Of The Road

Boom gates can be the most effective way to regulate your traffic flow on the property and away from it. This is particularly important for properties with limited parking space that typically attract lots of vehicles.

Boom gates allow you to limit the number of vehicles in the property moment. If your car park is overflowing, you can block any further entrance.

3. You Can Save Money By Reducing Security Fees

A boom gate can help you save money on security expenses in the long term. It will be a one-time cost for installing the security system for your boom gate and once it’s up and running, it’s very affordable and easy to maintain.

When you install a boom gate it is possible to eliminate your requirement for a security officer. It means you won’t be paying for security fees in the future after the gate is installed.

4. Make Money From Car Park Spaces

If you own an auto park using a boom gate, ticketing is the best option to earn money. When a car approaches it, they’ll have to pay a fee, and the gate won’t let them go until they’ve paid for their parking.

Particularly if your property is located near parking spaces in a popular or central area, the cost of parking spaces can be an extremely profitable business.

5. Instant Privacy

Are you tired of seeing the people who drive around with the sticky-beaks on your property? If yes then a boom gate can provide you with instant peace.

If you own commercial property and you want to safeguard your intellectual trade secrets, property and deter theft, Boom gates are the ideal option. If you have a residential property the boom gate will ensure your privacy and that of your neighbours.

6. Space Efficiency

When it comes to gates the boom gate is the most efficient utilisation of space. Gates that swing and slide require more space in front of your entry point. On the other hand the boom gate requires a tiny amount of vertical space to swing up.

7. Created To Last

Boom gates are extremely robust and built to last. They’re built to stand up to the rigours of wear and tear and they’re low-maintenance. Boom gates only have one or two moving parts, which creates a safe and reliable automatic security fence. They are simple to set up and maintain.

8. Simple Exit In The Event Of Power Outage

If there is a power outage on your property then a boom gate can be operated manually and then opened. This will permit vehicles to leave in a safe and speedy manner.


Boom gates can be an excellent inexpensive way to increase safety and security, as well as monitor and regulate how much traffic flows into as well out of the property and even save money.