Family Mediation Station

Here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs we’re moving away from actually repairing computers (yay!) and concentrating on website design and optimization. As such, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our clients. One client who we have been with for a long time is Family Mediation Station. They help people mediate separations and divorces without going to the courts. It’s a great service that can save a lot of money and heartache associated with ending relationships. 

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Knowing When to Hire a Family Mediator

It is important to understand that mediation is not appropriate in all family disputes. For example, it may not be helpful if a parent has been accused of harming their child. If you are dealing with a serious family dispute that could lead to court proceedings, mediation could be a good way to resolve issues before they get to that point. If you are involved in a dispute with family members who live together and share property, mediation could be the right choice. Mediation is a good option when you’re dealing with personal disputes that don’t involve legal issues. It could help you to resolve your issues and come to an agreement without the stress and expense of going to court.


What to Look for in a Family Mediator

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a family mediator. First, you should find a mediator who specializes in family mediation. This is important because family mediation is a different field from other types of mediation. Mediators in this field have special training and know how to work with families. Next, you should find a mediator who has sufficient experience with your particular type of family dispute. For example, mediation involving co-ownership issues may require a mediator with experience in real estate and property law. Beyond these, you should also choose a mediator who will put all participants at ease. This is especially important when dealing with an issue that could tear a family apart.


Tips to Find the Right Family Mediator

– Ask Around: If you know other people who have recently gone through a dispute with someone in their family, you could ask them who they used as a mediator. You could also ask your lawyer for a recommendation. The internet can also be useful if you want to look for mediation services online. Most of these services offer a list of mediators and allow you to search for one based on your particular needs.

– Get a Referral: If you are unsure where to begin, your lawyer could recommend a mediator. You could also approach your state’s family law mediation association and ask for a recommendation.

– Look for Credentials: You should also make sure that the mediator is qualified to handle your case. If you have a dispute involving co-ownership, for example, you should ensure that the mediator has relevant experience.

– Interview a Few Mediators: Once you’ve found a few mediators who seem like a good fit, you should set up one-on-one meetings with each one. During these meetings, you could ask them about their experience and what they could do to help you resolve the issues in your case.



Family mediation is an excellent option for resolving disagreements between family members. It could help you to avoid the stress and expense of going to court. You should understand that mediation is not appropriate in all family disputes. You should also make sure that the mediator is qualified to handle your case. If you are facing a dispute with a family member, mediation could be the best way to resolve it. Mediation is an accepted and proven way of dealing with issues that involve family members.