Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Some household pests are a nuisance but others can actually eat the household. Your average termite lives as part of a huge community of other termites. And together they can eat alarming amount of your home before you even realise they’re there. 

That’s why our client Gold Coast Pest Inspector has made a career out of finding and eliminating termites. A pest inspection from Richard he is a very cheap way to keep your Home secure. When you think about how many thousands of dollars damage termites can do, $100 or so for an inspection is very cheap insurance.

He also uses a system of termite fencing from Exterra. This could loosely be called a termite barrier. Depending on how you think of hey barrier. What the Exterra system does is set up a boundary around your home with termite stations. These termite stations attract termites. once there they will cope themselves in the poison that is contained in those traps. They then go back to their nest and share that poison with the rest of the termites. They kill every termite in there including the Queen so what you have is total elimination of all termites.

Now the reason you might think of the Extrerra system as being a termite barrier is that when the traps are laid out in a circle around your home at certain distances then a termite will not pass between them without being attracted to them there is a very powerful attractant that is used inside the traps and termites cannot resist them.

The poison that is used inside these traps is very harmful to termites but not to humans. The poison there is no more harmful than table salt. And it is very benign to the environment. So these are an environmental termite control solution. It’s a great option for anybody who wants to protect their home.

Richard can inspect your home for termites and install the Exterra termite barrier for you. We highly recommend this as a way to protect what is your biggest investment, your home.

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