Brisbane Security Alarms

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It is important for all of us to feel secure and to know that we have secured our property. Security alarms are an important part of that security. Security alarms and CCTV are the technology with which we can secure our home and business premises.


One guy that we have dealt with extensively is Bob Pearce from Brisbane Security Alarm Systems. He is a no nonsense guy who talks trade and gives people the benefit of his many decades of experience. He has been installing security alarms for a very long time and now has a range of clients across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Having dealt with Bob extensively myself I can recommend him without qualms.


Bob sells two types of security alarm systems. There is the self monitored security alarm system. This is an alarm system which rings a bell and alerts you. The second type of alarm system is back to base monitored alarm system. This is what it sounds like, an alarm that reports back to a monitored station who then act on that alarm.


His rates are quite reasonable. For $1264 he will install an 8 zone panel, 2 remote alarm system with a 36 month warranty full stop back to base monitoring is an extra $44 per month. That is for a hard wired security alarm system. He also does wireless alarms.