Data Cabling

In our line of work we often need data cabling done. We are forever dealing with networks and those networks often need fixing and expanding. Sometimes we just need a couple of lines run. And sometimes we need a full network installed. When it comes to data cabling the people we always call on TES Gold Coast.

If you’re like us then you believe that the small things matter. You know that doing things properly in the first place can pay off in the long run. Some people don’t do the small things because no one notices them and you’re not getting paid for them. But they are the sort of things that you will notice down the track when they’re missing.

For instance if you’re trying to find which network socket goes to which point in your board and they haven’t been labelled, you’ve got a problem. 

In other ways you can have unexpected problems. I had a client who had a very messy comms board with patch cables going everywhere. So many people had had a go at this comms box, adding stuff and putting in cables any which way they felt like it. One day they wanted to add a new staff member and they plug in an extra cable into the board. It should have been a simple thing that they could complete themselves. What happened was the entire network went down and all staff were unable to work. They called me in and I had to dismantle everything and rebuild it from scratch. I put it back together very neatly, colour coordinated and labelled. This should prevent these kinds of difficulties happening again.

The thing is this needed of happened if each person who had worked in their had taken full responsibility for the outcomes of their work. And that’s why we enjoy working for people like TES Goldcoast. They take a board like that and leave it in a better state then when they left it. They do not add to the problem ever.

If you need any data cabling done, we recommend them. 

There are also times when neatness matters. For instance we recently added a security camera to a lady’s home. It was a beautiful home with a weatherboard style board at the back. TES were able to run the cable in such a way that this client was very happy with the outcome. A different company may not have cared so much about how their work presented. And my client would have been less happy with my work. As my contractor I’m responsible for what they produce and that is of course why rely on TES Gold Coast.

So if you need any data cabling done I can highly recommend their work. They are a small team, just Dallas and Luke. And this helps because you are dealing direct with the people who are doing the work. They are a father and son team and they will listen to you and do the work that you require.

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