Electrician Gold Coast

One of our jobs here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs has nothing to do with repairing computers. 

It’s all about websites

Those are a few examples of websites we’ve developed. Another big part of what we do is SEO. Search Engine Optimization

There are many facets to search engine optimization. First and foremost is the content. Then there are technical elements like page load speed and avoiding dud links. 

There there is backlinks.


Back In Them Olden Days We Had Electrician Gold Coast

Back in the olden days of SEO (a couple years ago) we had lots of sites like Electrician Gold Coast. This network of websites is something in every SEO’s armory. They’re used for linking to other websites in a bid to prove to Google that the indented website is the centre of the search universe. 

A website like Electrician Gold Coast might link to a website like South East Electrical. If you’ve got a bunch of websites like Electrician Gold Coast, and they’re all linking to South East Electrical, then South East Electrical must be the centre of the electrician search universe. Or at the very least, Gold Coast’s portion of it. 

But Google Put A Stop To That

Then Google got wise to the habits of lazy SEOs. What they wanted from us was to make great content that would be shared around and generate its own page authority. 

Now. In theory link networks shouldn’t work. But they do. They’re no replacement for good SEO. But they are an adjunct. Which is why pages like Electrician Gold Coast exist.

And why pages like this link to them.