It’s Time To Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned

If you sit indoors all day like I do, chances are you’ll be running your air conditioning at some stage. We very lucky here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs Central, we have a lovely breeze running from one end of our office to the other. We’re more than comfortable. But during summer we have the aircon running on the hotter days. And in those few weeks of winter that we enjoy on the Gold Coast we will use it for heating the office.
Air conditioning cleaning infographic

It's getting dusty

Something you should know about that air conditioner is it accumulates dust. It has some filters in the front of it through which the air blows. Those filters will, by their very nature, accumulate a fair bit of gunk. That gunk attracts mildew and other types of organisms. Those organisms are usually harmful to your health. (There aren’t many types of mildew you want to inhale.) The idea of blowing warm air across that gunk and filling our room and therefore our lungs with this is not something that appeals to me.

About Air Conditioner Cleaning

That’s where air conditioning cleaning comes in. You should be considering this for your office right now. We had a very smoky summer due to the fires. We had weeks and weeks when the smoke haze filled the air. That smoke haze was depositing particles into our air conditioners. Those particles attract moisture and moisture attracts mildew. With winter around the corner we’ll soon be turning on the heating and blowing warm air across that mildew. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for success to me.

cleaning an air conditioner

You Can Clean It

Like anything else there is a DIY option and a professional option. The DIY option is to simply remove the filters from the front and give them a good cleaning. The professional option is to get the whole unit deep cleaned by some experts who come along with the right equipment. 

They put a kind of shower cap arrangement around your air conditioner and then they scrub it clean. They have the right sanitary equipment & chemicals to leave it in good shape. You’ll probably find that they can identify and prevent any mechanical problems along the way. Air conditioner cleaning should be done only by Arctic certified air conditioning technicians. So if you are looking to get air conditioning cleaned make sure that the company you choose has the right professionals. We use and recommend Southeast Electrical for our air conditioning cleaning.

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