JJ Industries

Do you know what bunding is? I didn’t until I met JJ Industries. You see bunding all the time and you probably don’t realise it. You drive over it when you enter a service station. Or if you use one of those commercial car cleaning places they’ve probably got bunding installed. Bunding is the small barrier that prevents chemicals like oil and petrol from running off and entering our waterways. JJ Industries installs bunding and other environmental products that prevent our waterways and environment from getting contaminated. 

JJ Industries are an interesting company. They often consult on civil works projects for the environmental compliance sector of that project. for instance they recently had a guy who was repairing a bridge. As part of his compliance he has to make sure that nothing that he does enters into the pristine waterways he’s an expert in repairing bridges but he is no expert in environmental compliance that’s where JJ industries comes in. 

JJ industries installed some baffles that float on the water. These collect any debris that might fall from the bridge during the repair. This baffle is a very common sight. You see them very often when you’re crossing bridges where there is work going on. And you might often see them on waterways where other work is happening. They prevent things like silt entering our waterways. I’ve seen a video he made where digger was turning the water into a dirty silty brown. On one side of the silt curtain the water was muddy. On the other side of the silt curtain the water was Christine.

Unless you are in the industry it’s probably unlikely that you will need products from JJ Industries. I still think it’s interesting to see what they do and what they sell. I know I was fascinated by it. Check out their website and have a look at these products. You’re probably recognise some of them and realise that you’ve seen them without actually ever really noticing them.