Family Mediation Station

family mediation station hero

Here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs we’re moving away from actually repairing computers (yay!) and concentrating on website design and optimization. As such, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our clients. One client who we have been with for a long time is Family Mediation Station. They help people mediate separations and […]

Building And Pest Inspections Gold Coast

roof truss destroyed by termites

Our client, Richard Eedy, Gold Coast building and pest inspector, provided us with the images below. One shows what is left of a bathroom after termites got to it. The other is a roof truss that is supposed to be supporting a roof. . What stands out when talking to Richard, is how often these […]

Using probity checks to protect your business

We all understand the importance of pre-employment screenings. It’s the only way to rest assured that your new hire didn’t lie his way into the job by claiming a masters degree he doesn’t actually have. But background checks can do more than merely give you a window into someone’s education. Depending on the industry, some […]

Gold Coast Security Alarm Systems

paradox armed alarm

If you’re on the Gold Coast and looking for a reliable security alarm system TES Gold Coast is the right provider for you. We’ve worked with them extensively over the years and can recommend their services.  Alarm Systems Gold Coast We don’t have much experience with their alarms systems other than fault finding. Once or […]

Electrician Gold Coast


One of our jobs here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs has nothing to do with repairing computers.  It’s all about websites.  Those are a few examples of websites we’ve developed. Another big part of what we do is SEO. Search Engine Optimization.  There are many facets to search engine optimization. First and foremost is the […]

It’s Time To Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned

cleaning an air conditioner

If you sit indoors all day like I do, chances are you’ll be running your air conditioning at some stage. We very lucky here at Gold Coast Computer Repairs Central, we have a lovely breeze running from one end of our office to the other. We’re more than comfortable. But during summer we have the […]