How to Properly Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge

From above shot of anonymous woman putting set of ink into plotter in printing office.

Making sure you take care of your toner and ink cartridges can make a huge difference in ensuring that your cartridges last as long as they function effectively. These care instructions for cartridges can be a big help by helping to make your ink last longer, produce better high-quality prints and ensure that your cartridges […]

Air Conditioning Installation and Service


Don’t you love a company that is what it says it is on the label? That’s Air Conditioning Installation And Service for you. They do…well you know exactly what they do. They do that thing (yes, the air conditioning installation and service) in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. They also have a special running […]

Gold Coast Pest Control

rat in crosshairs

We have recently started working with Zapem Pest Management. It’s always great to connect with local trades and professionals who are very engaged in their work. I didn’t set out to learn about pest control but it’s hard not to pick up some information when you’re dealing with people who love what they do.  I […]

The best desktops that HP has to offer

hp elite desk

The process of purchasing a new computer should begin by asking yourself what you plan on doing with it. A media centre doesn’t require the latest and greatest; however, a good workstation will require a powerful CPU and GPU. Below are a few options from HP that include everything from small form factor machines to […]

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance

Lawn and Garden Fertilising

We picked up a new client last year that has got our Social Media Coordinator squealing with joy. Apparently it is not so exciting curating Instagram accounts for electricians and pest inspectors – who knew! But landscaping and gardens is her happy spot. It gives her an excuse to visit gardens, take photos of pretty […]